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Modular Foundations


To complete your Olympic Folding Building package, the Modular Foundation System allows for 100% recovery of your building investment. Minimal site prep and no concrete means your building can be installed with minimal planning, specialized trades or weather window requirements.

Installation is simple – excavate a hole for steel footing box, set elevation and drop the footing into place. Backfilled earth provides all the required resistance for uplift and lateral forces, while the footing base plate provides bearing support. To complete the installation, install the perimeter grade beam and fine tune your elevation. Complete backfill around the beam and you are ready for an easy bolt up installation of your Olympic Folding Building.

With your building structure taken care of you have the freedom to customize your work surface to your project specifications.

For concrete pads, you can now complete your pour inside your building, eliminating heating or tenting costs. Optional sheet metal form system allows you to utilize the perimeter beam as your form – further reducing site costs.

Modular flooring systems are also available, custom sized to your building. With optional spill containment liners and high point loads, these flooring systems provide a robust high traction work surface for personnel and equipment traffic.