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The ConTEMProof is the flexible shelter solution that makes it easy to turn ISO containers into rapidly deployable shelters for:

• maintenance
• in-field fabrication
• vehicle storage
• office and/or meeting space 

Available Units

  • 4011x40 - 4 ea. ConTEMProof (CTR) sections for 40’ span & universal beams.

  • 4011x40- 4 ea. ConTEMProof (CTR) sections for 40’ span & universal beams.

  • 3011x40- 4 ea. ConTEMProof (CTR) sections for 30’ span & universal beams.

How it Works

Standard ConTEMProof features Galvalume cladding with gray epoxy coated steel frames. Red shown for product emphasis. Color ConTEMProof available upon request.

Powered Structures plug & play lighting and simple connections make deployment and relocation quick and easy.

Standard Sizes

[Numbers in brackets are millimeters]

Standard End Walls

(End wall may be completed with containers)

Triple Threat

A 24x24 roof system deployable in three configurations to maximize the utility of 20’ containers. Packaged as a single bolted unit for intermodal transport by container chassis or top load for ocean shipment. Provides a 4’ overhang at container doors for dry access when installed over container ends. Units may be installed front to front or back to back to create longer structures. 


Flexible design configurations use 20' or 40' containers and optional end walls to create customized shelter

Available Options

•Interior metal liner with R-13 insulation
•Upgraded insulation up to R21
•Exterior lighting package
•Equipment power package
•Heating & ventilation package
•Fall arrest system
•Snow shed
•Personnel doors and service doors
•Custom container conversions
•Custom colors
•Modular footings and floor system
•Spreader bar and rigging

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