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Xtreme Cube Solution


The ConTEMProof - Xtreme Cube Solution, turns adaptable Xtreme Cubes into a complete building solution. 

Xtreme Cubes offer infinite possibilities for commercial and industrial applications. The integration of the ConTEMProof with Xtreme Cubes offers a robust, flexible shelter to tie everything together.

How it works

Standard ConTEMProof features Galvalume cladding with gray epoxy coated steel frames. Red shown for product emphasis. Color ConTEMProof available upon request.

The ConTEMProof - Xtreme Cube Solution is the unique integration of the Olympic Folding Building panelized system and Xtreme Cubes – a combination that delivers:
• rapid deployment
• enhanced design features
• fully integrated electrical and mechanical systems
• high level of fit and finish to your temporary facility


Xtreme Cubes can be integrated with the Olympic Folding Building when sites call for expanded warehouse, maintenance or processing facilities


Powered Structures plug & play lighting and simple connections make deployment and relocation quick and easy.

Standard Sizes

[Numbers in brackets are in millimeters]

End Wall options

(End wall may be enclosed with Cubes)

Custom Design


Mr. Safety stands at 6' 2" with hard hat



•Interior metal liner with R-13 insulation
•Upgraded insulation up to R21
•Exterior lighting package
•Equipment power package
•Heating & ventilation package
•Fall arrest system
•Snow shed
•Personnel doors and service doors
•Custom configurations
•X-Form concrete tiles
•Custom colors
•Modular foundation
•Spreader bar and rigging

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