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Pre-Engineered Steel Building

PRE-ENGINEERED STEEL BUILDING PACKAGES with our full line of options to provide a comprehensive integrated building system.


Pre-engineered buildings provide a cost effective, flexible solution for commercial and industrial sites where building sizes and system integration are the driving forces.

Dogwood Industries is an American Buildings distributor and we work closely with our customers and American Buildings to develop a building system that addresses requirements from simple to highly complex.

Extreme environmental conditions such as hurricane force winds or demanding snow loads can easily be incorporated into your building design. Special paint systems, unusual building configurations, two-story designs and custom designs for industry-specific applications are within your reach and our capability.
  • Attractive exterior options when appearance counts
  • Clearspan widths to create an expansive envelope
  • Expanded eave height to enclose vertical operations
  • Framed openings for multiple building penetrations
  • Highly adaptable
  • Long lasting, durable finishes withstand sun, salt spray and chemical exposure
  • Mezzanines, demising walls, craneways, platforms and stairways to maximize functionality
  • Seismic and wind loading to perform in extreme environments
  • Truck doors sized and located to customer requirements