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See how the Olympic Folding Building will change the way you operate on site. We provide complete solutions to simplify and expedite your project.

Powered Structures

Powered Structures

  • Delivers lower overall install cost on initial deployment
  • Allows for full recovery of electrical system, saving time and money during relocation
  • Reduces time to install onsite by factor of 10
  • Factory testing ensures a working system, ready to site connect
  • cULus listed assemblies provide inspectors with peace of mind

One Call for a Complete Solution

  • A single source for design and integration of building system, foundation, electrical/mechanical systems and accessories
  • Patented panelized system adapts to your needs
  • Logistics and planning for dependable delivery
  • Experienced support through installation and future relocation

Engineered for What You Do

  • Standard design for deployment in most North American locations
  • Custom designs for extreme seismic, snow and wind conditions
  • Constructed of rugged components with a field proven service for life of 40+ years
  • Customized sizes and layouts that fit your operation


  • Site construction is underway during factory production
  • Factory assembly in controlled environment with intensive quality assurance
  • Factory integration of multiple complex systems into simple field installed components


  • Consolidated packaging and staged deliveries to simplify site logistics
  • Coordination of transportation resources
  • Arrangements with brokers and customs
  • Special logistics for difficult to access sites


  • Folding sections and prefabricated panels install in days, not weeks
  • Powered Structures, patent pending panelized plug & play wiring system minimizes field wiring
  • Detailed erection instructions simplify work planning and preparation of JSA/JHA documents
  • Engineered erection sequence allows safe installation in harsh environments

Best Value in a Relocatable Building

  • All the benefits of a permanent structure with the flexibility of a relocatable asset
  • Qualifies for accelerated depreciation for potential tax benefits
  • Your investment pays for itself on second deployment
  • High residual value through ease of recovery for relocation or resale


When you choose an Olympic Folding Building, you are investing in a proven, systematic approach that assures success—from the time you place your order through delivery and installation to the relocation of your asset to the next site.

*Supply includes building systems (structural, exterior cladding, flashing, insulation system, interior metal liner, doors, equipment doors, mechanical penetrations and anchors) and electrical systems (wiring, boxes, devices, and equipment for a complete installation of lights (32 ea. LED fixtures, night light, exit lights, exterior wall packs), convenience power, door operators, ceiling fans, and exhaust fan. (Heat is not included in this example.)) A recurring supply cost is factored in the traditional site built supply to replace damaged or non-reusable building and electrical components between 1st and 2nd deployments, a full resupply is assumed for the 3rd deployment for traditional construction.

**Installation assumes $80/hr. labor rate for building installation and $100/hr. electrical rate working safely in an industrial environment.  Rate assumes work force and equipment costs.  Site work, general conditions, equipment and crane costs are not included in this example.

Standard Sizes

The Olympic Folding Building has standard sizes with reduced lead times to suit many applications; custom sizes can accommodate unique conditions, enclose specific processes or shelter the largest equipment.  

[Numbers in brackets are millimeters]

Standard End Walls

(Custom end walls available)

Available Options

  • Interior metal liner with R-13 insulation
  • Upgraded insulation available
  • Powered Structures, electrical package with factory installed plug & play connectors
  • Heating package with gas-fired or electric unit heaters
  • Ventilation system
  • Lean-to addition
  • Mezzanine
  • Stair systems and work platforms
  • Fall arrest system
  • Material handling system

  • ISOUP - Sidewall framed opening and plug for ISO container access
  • Eave mounted snow retention system
  • Personnel door canopies
  • High speed service doors
  • Custom colors
  • Rope openings and "doghouses"
  • Modular footings and floor system
  • Engineering support for foundation design, special conditions and integration with existing structures
  • Spreader bar and rigging

Powered Structures plug & play lighting and simple connections make deployment and relocation quick and easy.


Plug & play connectors


Packaged Building Solutions

Proven layouts and features make these ready to order solutions perfect for your next project.

Maintenance Shops

Maintenance shops feature large equipment access doors, high head room, enhanced heating and ventilation packages, maintenance friendly lighting layouts, ISOUP - ISO container utility plugs and integrated ceiling mounted fall arrest systems. Building clearances are based on common site equipment. Inquire about the best building for your project needs. 

4018 x 80 Maintenance Shop

6018 x 100 Maintenance Shop

6022 x 80 Maintenance Shop

6230 x 80 Maintenance Shop


Warehouses feature basic lights, heat and power packages designed with simplicity and ease of installation in mind. With several width options and the ability to add building length as your project demands change, our packaged warehouses offer a flexible solution that moves and grows with your business.

4018 x 100 Warehouse

6018 x 120 Warehouse

8020 x 160 Warehouse

10020 x 200 Warehouse

Consider the Olympic Folding Building for these specialized applications:
  • onsite equipment maintenance operations
  • hoist and winch houses
  • process enclosures
  • generator shelters
  • helicopter or light aircraft hangars
  • mezzanine and demising walls for mixed use
  • onsite fabrication facilities

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