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Powered Structures

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Plug & Play Wiring System


Manufacturer of cULus listed wiring assemblies



  • Delivers lower overall install cost on initial deployment

  • Allows for full recovery of electrical system, saving time and money during relocation 

  • Greatly reduces time to install onsite by a factor of 10

  • Factory testing ensures a working system, ready to site connect

  • cULus listed assemblies provide inspectors with peace of mind

Electrical connectors
Industrial electrical system

How it works


Plug and Play components make site installations a breeze.

6) Cable tray
7) Convenience outlets
8) Distribution panel
9) Powered louver
10) Exterior LED wall pack or floodlight

1) Emergency exit light
2) Service door operator
3) Exhaust fan
4) LED lighting
5) Electric/Gas heating

Certification and Compliance

  • UL listed wiring assemblies

  • ANSI/NFPA 70

  • CAN/CSA-C22.1

  • UL listed pigtail connectors

  • Connectors and cables rated NEMA 4

  • Rated for wet location

  • Standard circuit capacity: 100A at 600V

  • Three phase  wiring

  • Compliant to IBC, NBCC, NEC


All wiring assemblies are factory tested. Individual connectors are physically coded for phase, voltage and amperage to eliminate misconnection possibilities, even if a label is ignored or damaged. All connectors feature a “make first, break last” ground connection for installer safety.


A full range of connector offerings in single and three phase wiring configurations allow connectorization of power circuits from 15 to 100 amps. Custom connector configurations are also available for control wiring or integrated data (power + CAT5) for interconnect of modular units.

Industrial wiring cables
Industrial connection

Our conduit, fittings, and connectors are rated to NEMA 4X (wash down), allowing for use in many harsh environments. Our standard product offering features liquid tight flexible non-metallic conduit with weather proof device boxes and thermoplastic connectors. This system is economical and robust for interior or exterior service in industrial environments.

For harsh environments where increased ruggedness is required we offer our system in Teck 90 cabling with metal device boxes and metal connectors.

Powered Structures distribution panel

Life Cycle Cost

Our plug & play electrical package is the most cost effective method for bringing a complete building electrical system on line, often providing a lower installed cost on the initial deployment. Factoring in recovery and additional installation savings, our system continues to deliver value throughout the life cycle of the building.

Powered Structures life cycle comparison

*Supply includes all wiring, boxes, devices, and equipment for a complete installation of lights (32 ea. LED fixtures, night light, exit lights, exterior wall packs), convenience power, door operators, ceiling fans and exhaust fan. Heat is not included in this example. A recurring supply cost is factored in the parts and pieces supply to replace damaged or non-reusable wiring and components.

**Installation assumes 30 man hours for plug & play system and 300 hours for parts and pieces. Scope includes all work from distribution panel downstream. Rate of $100/hr. assumes electrician work force and equipment costs. However, plug & play system does not necessarily require an electrician to install.