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40Wx18Hx80L Olympic Folding Building - sample photo; not building for sale

40Wx18Hx80L Olympic Folding Building - sample photo; not building for sale


FOB Truck Edmonton, AB Canada

Note: Building includes erection drawings. Dogwood recommends a “current condition assessment” by seller in addition to Dogwood drawings.

Item Description
Base Building
  • Olympic Folding Building® model 6012X80
  • The estimated height of haunch brace bolt at sidewall column is 5’11” from bottom of base plate.
  • Side wall and roof exterior is 26 ga. galvanized panels of 7/8” corrugated configuration.
  • All flashings are 26 ga. galvanized steel.
  • Insulation: Wall and roof panels contain R-12 insulation with reinforced vinyl facing.
  • Liner Panels: The interior walls are covered with a 26 ga. 2 ½” corrugated galvanized liner around the interior walls at a height matching the girt line at approximately 9 feet.
  • Structure includes one 16 ft. wide x 18 ft. high double sliding service door with R-12 insulation and interior liner to height similar to interior wall panel. Door is prime painted steel construction, manually operated. Exterior door cladding the same as building exterior. Doors complete with track, track hood, door leaf trolleys, door stops, door jamb guides, center door stop and hold closed hardware.
  • Structure includes two 3070 personnel doors constructed of 16 ga. steel jambs and 18 ga. door slab, primed and finish painted. Door hardware is standard duty commercial grade. Doors are complete with hinges, chain stops, aluminum threshold, door sweep, door frame weather seal and keyed lock sets.
  • Structural bolts are galvanized, with strength and size as required by design.
  • Sheet metal fasteners are self-tapping and self drilling screws of suitable length and size. Exterior siding and flashing fastener sare complete with steel washers and neoprene gasket washers.
  • Design loads shall be 50 lbs. roof snow load, 30 psf. wind load, Seismic Zone III and exposure C.
Electrical Package
  • Supplied in accordance with electrical drawing layout
Heating Package
  • (1) each model Reznor RA250 (250,000 BTU), waste oil fan type unit heater.
  • (1) each model Reznor ST-1, floor mounted heater stand for waste oil heater.
    1. 1.9 GPH oil consumption.
    2. UL approved.
    3. Self contained air compressor.
    4. Automatic viscosity adjustment.
    5. Pre-heating system.
    6. 115 v., 21 amps.
    7. 10 year warranty on combustion chamber (industry longest).
  • (1) each flue package for ceiling installation, all inclusive for complete system.
  • (1) each 500 gallon, UL42 double wall waste oil tank (mounted under heater stand).
    1. Dimensions: 5’-01”L x 3’-10”Wx5’-01”H.
    2. (4) each 2” ports
    3. (1) each tank gauge.
    4. (2) each 4” emergency vent.
    5. (2) each 2” regular vent.
    6. Exterior finish: epoxy paint.
  • (1) thermostat control unit.
  • (3) circulation fans: 42” industrial ceiling circulating fan as manufactured by Air King or equal. Fan units include individual wired controls, 3 speed wall control switch, mounting hardware and wiring.

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